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First a little about me.  My name is Candy and  I am the mother of 5 wonderful young men.  I am a Florida native and grew up in Miami.  I have lived in the Tampa area for over 40 years.  I am a graduate of the Duke University School of Nursing.  For a number of years I worked in pediatric nursing. Later, I was secretary and office manager for my husband's legal practice and most recently I was the manager for a local children's chorus.  My hobby for the last 30+ years has been genealogy and I have spent countless hours researching my own family and helping other folks research as well.  Another of my passions is playing the Ukulele.   I am a member of several different local ukulele meet-up groups most weekends you will find me strumming and  singing with friends.

      Sugar Gliders captured my heart in 2008.  Glideritis hit me the moment I first saw them and began researching their care and needs.  A few years ago, if anyone suggested that the highlight of my day would be sitting on the floor in a tent with several silly critters climbing and jumping on and around me - well I would have called them crazy.  Now, I look forward to our evening playtimes.  I truly have been captured by these magical little beings. 

    Here you will meet my Glider Kids.  First we have the RASCALS -Sassy, Corky, Archy, Mehitabel,  and Missy are mischiefmakers and very curious.  Sassy is an expert at finding things that need to be glider proofed.  The rest follow her lead just looking for trouble! Sassy and Corky were adopted in Sept. 2008 from SunCoast.  By the end of October, I decided to add to our little family so Mehitabel and Missy, also from SunCoast, joined the group.  In November, I spotted a little boy on Craig's list and Archy joined the colony. This rowdy pack of 5 play hard with both wheels going full speed and bells on their foraging toys ringing all night.  Corky is the barker.  It seems his stories are interesting as all of the gliders in the room will stop and stand totally still until he has finished then play resumes 

      I have made several wonderful friends in the on line glider community.  When Val (a.k.a. SomethingToBelieveIn) said several of her rescues were in need of forever homes, I accepted three of her babies.  The gliders now called Wacco, Yacco and Dot arrived from Texas via a glider railroad in March 2009 and became the ANAMANIACS colony. This trio had been in at least 3 previous homes so it took some time for me to gain their trust.  Dot no longer bites when I hand out treats.  When she first arrive she  appeared to be afraid the treat would be snatched away before she grabbed it and in her rush to get the treat she would over shoot and get my finger instead.  Wacco is shy but always comes when food is involved.  Yacco is the gentle one and probably the father of Wacco & Dot.  The Animaniacs are the early risers - up by 7:30 pm and ready for their dinner.  Wacco and Dot are still small gliders but are big fans of their Stealth Wheels and any foraging toys in their cage.

In April 2009, Art (a.k.a DaddyGlider) posted that he had a leucistic glider ready for a new home so  Mindy Lou joined the household.  Mindy has a mind of her own and makes her own choices about the colony she would live with.  She completely refused to accept the Animaniacs but after very slow introductions in August 2009 she chose to become a member of the Rascals Colony.  She lived with the Rascals for 9 months but was frequently a loner in the cage and played alone during out of cage play times.  In March 2010 Kanobles, a unique, one of a kind mosaic glider came to me from Whitney (Palm Beach Gliders).  Thinking that Mindy might be happier with one glider buddy rather than five, I decided one evening to show her the pouch Kanobles had been sleeping in.  When I showed her the pouch, she took one sniff and hopped right in.  Her previous response to new glider smells had been very loud crabbing and running away!  Kanobles came to the door of the cage and jumped right into the pouch with her - NO CRABBING!  Long story short, Mindy had made her choice and they began a happy family I now call the SKAMPS Colony.   This happy couple are the parents of four handsome little boys and a darling baby girl.  Monk is a beautiful Mosaic who looks a lot like Kanobles.  He has gone to live with Art (DaddyGlider) and will soon have a lady friend to share his cage.  Hugo is a classic grey or perhaps a minimally marked mosaic.  Twins, Elmo and Mimi followed by little brother Chipper complete the Skamps Colony.  Elmo is mosiac with a white tail like his dad.  Mimi and Chipper are classic greys like their big brother.  These four joeys will remain with their parents in a family colony.

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Welcome to the Home of my GliderKids